Below you'll find the 10 simple questions we need to create your VIIO™ Brief.  

Name *
Company Name? How was this company created? What do you do?
What story are you looking to tell? Company Overview, Service/Product, Hr/Recruitment?
Describe project information, goals, measurable objectives and where you'd like to use your VIIO™ . (Considerations: Everyone has a story of their business journey. What’s yours? What is the one problem you solve for clients? What do you think is most important for people to know about this story? Where are you going to show this? YouTube, Conferences etc...)
Who is the primary audience you are trying to reach? What do they currently think and how do they feel about your company?
What’s the main message the audience should be left with? Is it the main benefit (not a feature) that the customer receives from your product or service? If you could add one or two other points what would those be?
Funny and casual, or formal, don't konw? What do you think your target audience believes before you communicate with them?
Are your offices modern? How many employees? Do you have an idea of where you’d like an interview to be shot? Is that location on your property?
Any unique specifications you need to share design wise? Do you have current marketing material you’d like to match in style/tone?
What dates are open for production at your organization including time with the personal etc and when is the ultimate time to launch this VIIO™ for the target audience to reach the greatest impact? (Your due date for delivery.)